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WELCOME 2021 !   FYI Last season I added Paddleboards to my business.  Any of the tours can be done via paddleboard as well.  

Also – one of the big highlights from last season was Night Time Paddleboard with underwater lights…amazing


Welcome to the Pond and Beyond Kayak Website.  Lots of information here about my business as well as good to know island tidbits like where to eat, sleep, and play. This site is designed to be fluid so check for updates, additions, and/or changes.

Block Island is special, seriously. If you’ve been here -you already know this, if not, you will soon discover the magic our little island holds. Kayaking is a great way to see the island from an alternate perspective. Paddle in the calm, protected shallows of the ‘inner waterways of the Great Salt Pond (GSP) or take off north beyond the marinas and moored boats to the Conservation- Recreation area to discover areas to ‘get out’ and explore the shore or take a dip. Over 44 % of the island is preserved and this includes large areas surrounding the GSP only accessible by water.

Pond and Beyond offers rentals, tours, and basic instruction via Kayak AND Paddleboards. Also, upon request, other beyond the pond adventures such as hiking, bird watching, and snorkeling. So come kayak with us on the largely undeveloped 900 acre Great Salt Pond. whether you are a neophyte, expert or somewhere in between there is water waiting for you to enjoy.

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Business Address:
New Harbor
216 Ocean Avenue
Block Island, RI 02807
(approx. 1 mi from ferry)

Phone: 401.578.2773

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Pond and Beyond Kayak
P.O. Box 1586
Block Island, RI 02807



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