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As of now call or email to book a tour or to gather more info.  I am toying with the idea of doing online booking.   Some of the tours listed below have scheduled times other schedule based in interest. 


This 2 hour tour meanders through the Great Salt Pond making multiple stops to observe the local flora and fauna, to discuss topics such as aquaculture, water quality and environmental issues.  And of course the going ons of island life –past and present.   Visit an oyster farm, kayak through the mooring field, and see a fiddler crab colony. Don’t worry I keep it interesting and fun! A slow conversation paced paddle. Instruction included if needed. Tour time based on interest, tides, and staff availability.  I like to keep the tours small and intimate thus this tour typically limited to 8 people.  Suitable adults and older children of  all levels of experience.  Instruction included if needed.
$60.00 / person

GUIDED TOUR (New 2017)
You asked for it!  This tour is designed to get you going – get you paddling with a guide without as much stop and talk.  With that said don’t hesitate to ask questions about the ecosystem, block island, island life etc.

A fun way for youngsters to learn to kayak and discover the natural world of the GSP in the company of other kids (no adults allowed). This intro program covers basic skills, launching and exiting techniques, and fundamental strokes (forward/back/turn/stop). For those willing we will practice assisted rescues.   Age 6 to 10. Space limited to 6 children.
Reservations are required.  This tour is based on the tides –
$45/ kid

Notes to parents: believe it or not your 6 year old is ready to learn to kayak. Most kids ‘get it’ within the first 20 minutes. If not, we work with them until they do! The instructor carries along a tow rope to assist those who might need a break.  A typical class starts with learning about your kayak and the correct way to hold the paddle. We leave the launch site and head into the shallows of Harbor Pond. Kids are never without supervision and never far from the shoreline.  We stop along the way to swim and explore.  Please arrive on time. Have your kids lubed up with sunscreen, wearing a bathing suit, appropriate shoes, and fed! Bring water and a healthy snack. Best photo ops are on the return when your kids are smiling and proud of their accomplishment.  (Bring money to reward them with a Killer Donut after the lesson)

This program is directed at semi-experienced tweens and teens.  The group will kayak to explore different areas of the pond during the morning hours.  Participants must be ready and willing to kayak as well as help with all the set up and break down of going out on the water i.e. pack own equipment (check to make sure you have water etc..)  We work on teamwork!  The main focus of the day is fun!  Kayak, hike, snorkel, beachcombing and a bit of eco science education.
Space is limited
$50/ kid

This family based tour is structured around the family unit.  A little bit for everyone – sometimes with no agenda other than enjoying the time on the water and learning a new skill.
This tour is based on the kids having fun- kayaking, swimming, dragging a fishing pole, crabbing, and exploring the shore. (I will sneak in tidbits of educational material too). Kick back and relax and soak in the scenery on the water. There is no age limit for the tour – it is up to you to decide.   Instruction is available for everyone. Double boats are available and can typically accommodate 2 adults and 1 child or 1 adult and 2 children
Space is limited to 10 persons (or two families).
Reservations Required.  Call to schedule!
Adults $60.00; kids $45 under 4 free.

This is definitely a favorite!
For the 3 hour full moon kayak tour we set out early to enjoy the early evening light on the water and to witness the sunset.  We watch it set over the ocean and then turn back to watch the moon rise over the pond.  Glow ticks and lights guide our party back to paddle into the inner ponds under the moonlight.   Sometimes the weather is not cooperating and the clouds that add to the sunset magic can block the rising moon; wind conditions can change our course. Suitable for adults and older kids.  Some experience required.
$50/ person

Our popular sunset kayak can be scheduled any day of the week.  You choose.
This is a great way to end the day with your family.  Departure is scheduled before the sunset so we can be on the water for the main event.  I suggest mid-week when the pond is quieter.
Reservations required.   F.Y.I  you can always pre-book a rental and go out on your own.
$50 /person

The almost always spectacular sunrise tour for those early risers.  A true reward for getting up early – as early morning is far best time for the calmest waters and typically the most wildlife
(aka birds).  We start the tour in silence as we meander through the sleeping boaters.  Conversation saved for after sunrise.
$50/ person

Do you have a school, a scout group; want to plan a girl’s getaway? Tours can be customized to meet your needs. Examples include ½ day excursions for education, exercise, exploration; Sunrise kayak for bird watching and serenity; Full moon/ high tide kayak to enter the flooded salt marsh area and experience the peaceful pond at night. We can accommodate approximately a group of approx. 30 kayakers. Consider visiting the Island the week before Memorial Day or after Labor Day to experience a more natural vibe.



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